Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Dream for India series: Urban Transport

One of the fanciest dream of urban transport for me is Delhi Metro. I know this is not the best urban transport in the world but that is something we can look upto for benchmarking our progress in developing urban transport in other cities. I was astonished to see the efficiency and people's behavior at metro stations in Delhi.

Recently I read an article on Urban transport in Civil Society Magazine. It was a comprehensive analysis of various models of urban transport ranging from Metro train to Bus Rapid transport , Walking pathways to Paris' cycling system (Velib)
I dream of an Integrated system comprising of Main Metro train, feeder shuttle service running at a regular interval from various parts of city and picturesque garden pathways connecting rest of the city. I wish to see everybody using public transport when in public. Once we make city transport system very much efficient and cost-effective, then there will be only a small number of cars.

No more traffic jam, no more road-rage, friendly people at public places, happy and productive 300m urban Indians. Oh my god, मेरे भगवान ... I want to live this dream before I die.

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