Monday, February 16, 2009

Why do I feel privileged to be born in India?

I feel privileged that I am born and raised in India is because it's made me the fighter, not just a survivor. It kind of equips you with things. You don't necessarily need to come from a poor background. You can even come from a middle class background, but the point is that you will travel with people along your life's journey and you will hear their stories and that will enrich your life.

India is a place only for tough people. People who can't stand the fast pace of the country won't survive in it. There is a very prominent and a very strong dream every Indian sees and that dream is to rise out of all the adversity and to make it on your own, to have something that you can call your own.

To get even the smallest space in India that you can call your home is so difficult and people strive and work hard, they literally work day in and day out just to make enough money to buy a home. If you're born with that kind of a fighting nature, it'll equip you for all kinds of hardships.

You might not have a car or a motorbike and you'll be forced to travel in crowded trains. People are literally on top of the trains on the outside. That kind of situation is only meant for people who will not complain and who aren't weak. They will get on the train and then when they know their stop has come, they'll push everyone out so that they can get out of the train.

Train is just one face of that toughness required in daily life, you survive in India, you can rule the world.

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