Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Rural Entrepreneurship: Inviting everyone on the development train

How can India maintain her growth rate at 10% for the coming 50 years?
Answer is simple! Involve everyone, every student, every farmer, every worker, every non-worker and even every tribal man. We just need to make them realize that they also do it, they can start their own business.

My approach behind this revolution is rural entrepreneurship, it's different from social entrepreneurship. Rural entrepreneurship is to teach rural people being an entrepreneur. Teach them to start small business, run them and earn their livelihood and eventually employ others.

I am not asking you to do social service. I think this model of
rural entrepreneurship can be profitable because of the economy of scale. Why am I talking about rural? Can't this model be applied to Urban India? My motive behind addressing rural market is huge estimated impact on Indian economy and your profits. Cities are better saturated then rural areas in business, that's why my plan is to target rural areas.

I am in initial stage of developing this business model and need all your suggestions. I will also keep updating this blog with new ideas.

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