Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Why an average Indian is not a competent professional?

We can boast of our civilization as one of the ancient one. We can describe Indians as a breed of very intellectual homo sapians. But if we look around at an average Indian, he doesn't look competent enough to match with rest of the world's standard. Here, in this post, I tried to investigate into the reasons of this harsh reality of Great Indian Dream.
- One of the prime reason is 2 hundreds years of brutal British raj. This hampered psychological & physical growth of generations on Indian. I blame British for world's most brutal crime in the history.
- Even after independence, there was a lack of proper professional training for average Indian.
- There is widespread lack of self motivation towards improvement. If there is no supervisor around, we tend to be relaxed.
- Before economic upheaval, most of the jobs in India were government jobs. These jobs were of permanent types and there was not much relation between performance and promotion.
- Indians, specially in rural areas have lazy attitude.
- Widespread poorness forces people to focus on more life-concerned areas first rather then competency and professionalism.
- Insufficient Infrastructure is also a major factor. You can't expect a worker to be very productive if he reaches to work after 2hrs of traffic.

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