Monday, August 04, 2008

Mega event Organizational skills in India

After the grand opening of 2008 Beijing Olympic, a dream came to my mind - Organizing a bigger event in India. India is going to host 2010 commonwealth games, but development efforts are not very encouraging. Are we not yet ready to organize such events, mega events?

That's not true! In fact, no other country is even close to the level of competency we have achieved in organizing mega events. No, I am not being chauvinist, I am just being realist. Look at this - Kumbh Mela 2001, was the largest religious gathering on earth that brings together an estimated 20 million people on a single day. I read through a book in the library today called "Idea that have worked". In one of the essay in the book, Alok Sharma tells us about the two years that it took to organize the Kumbh Mela. The mammoth tasks involving hundreds of kms of roads built-up, hundreds of extra trains from Indian Railway, thousands of telephone booths and toilet installed by municipal corporation and effort of more then a lakh volunteers.

After reading this article, one can get the impression that we Indian don't lack any megaevent organizing skills, we just don't get that as a practice. Also, there is a lack of publicity or advertisement. If there was such a mountainous effort in 2001, why am I reading this in 2008. That shows the lack of public awareness spread about this. We should tell the world about this great endeavor. Only then, world will recognize that we can also organize these events. Hopefully, we will win the bid for organizing Olympic games in 2020.

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