Tuesday, May 22, 2007

India: The great Democracy

Yesterday night I had a long debate with my friends cum flatmates.

Topic: none, theme was SYSTEM and condition of India. We started with my comment that gandhi nehru today are responsible for mess we see around (same as most of youth). Then we moved on to democracy and Indian system. He said people have taken democracy in wrong sense that's why we are in mess.

That's my opinion. I does not say gandhi nehru did wrong in kashmir or what ever .... But they did a blunder in defining democracy to Indians. Democracy does not mean you can do what ever you wish to do and you are free to create what ever non sense you wish and still claim that's your birthright. No. Democracy does not mean there should be welfare of weak. It does not mean everyone is responsible for everyone else. NO, not at all. In fact, major feature of democracy means 'Everyone in a democratic country is equal.' Now don't misunderstand that it means that you must have wealth of a rich person because you are equal to him. But it means when comes a time of opportunity , you both are equal and person who deserves more in terms of capability will get it. Democracy does not recognize special treatment to anyone, weak or strong. It does not recognize reservations. It only recognize equal rights and equal opportunity.

Blunder which we Indians did was: Divide of country. No I am not talking about 1947's great partition. But I am talking of division of states on basis of languages, division of people on basis of reservations, division of classes by recognizing different classes. I am not saying that deny the truth, that ours is poor country with many under privileged people. What I am saying is, don't pity them and give them what they does not deserve. Rather give them what they deserve, equal opportunity. That's where we have failed. We made reservations, created differences. It can not serve a good purpose because, if you give Rs. 100 to beggar you give him an opportunity to change his work and take his status above. But when you keep giving them, that's reservation and that way he will never leave begging (it's a easy way out) and will never rise.

We divided our country on basis on language saying that it's democracy and we must respect will of people. Hell with it !! Democracy means keeping society's interests over individual. That division divided the country. Every state is fighting with each other, every bengali feels he is different from bihari. Assami feels rajasthani is from some other world. Sense of being Indian and working for betterment of country is lost. They work for local welfare, as that's possible. Fighting over taxes, water... How can we move forward we can't even see in same direction.

To make a democratic system work, simple funda is to think about welfare of ourselves but not on cost of others. If you wish to be first run faster then everyone else but don't block others. Because everyone must have equal chance of running. If you loose don't cry that you are under privileged , because you had a even chance, shout and fight for that "Equal opportunity". Work for your welfare and country will progress because it's country made by citizens. One must work in a field where he is best at and enjoys most, because that's where you can return most.

Move forward now, learn from past ,rectify mistakes..... Making mistakes is human. But not learning from them is animal. Make people aware and fight for right. You will loose because of system may be. But still that's for good. Everyone should fight in their best capability.

Oh yes, system. We often hear now nothing can change. India will not change. System breaks you down. You can not win against system. Really ? Is this the case. Well very true that you can not change the system by shouting or from outside. If you wish to clean a room you have to come inside. But that does not mean that be an IAS officer or a politician ,all I am saying is do whatever you wish and you are best at. Let it be doctor ,engineer, C.A. ,business man, IAS, politician anyone. But never give up against evil without a fight. You may have to give up eventually but at least give a fight in what ever way you know. If even that's not possible then make sure that you don't' block a path of man who is fighting for right if you can't help him. System will change because we make system. Our politicians understand weaknesses of democracy ,they understand us. This power of understanding is used against us, but just imagine what will a man with same understanding but on path of right can do ? What lalu really works for country ? That's when system will change, you have to understand democracy, you have to understand yourself, means PEOPLE.

Change has started, just don't block it if you can't help it moving forward. India is changing because it must change, CHANGE FOR GOOD. We must show an example of great democracy !!


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Psycam said...

I agree with a lot of what you have written, although there is one thing that I'd like to point out. You stated that democracy is about equality (or in your case, equal opportunity). But the undertone of what you said also highlights liberty. Yes, people should not be allowed to act in whatever way they want to, but there should always be a balance of liberty vs equality.
We need liberty to enjoy that freedom that democracy brings, to pursue happiness, and we need equality to protect it.